Cafe’s and Breakfasts

The best Cafes and Breakfast Restaurants in San Miguel!

Art Garden Cafe

The Art Garden Cafe is a cozy getaway with a breakfast and lunch with the most modest meals that showcase that extra touch located in colonia San Antonio.

Cafe de la Parroquia

Cafe de la Parroquia is a longtime favorite. Great local spot for a traditional Mexican breakfast.

Cafe de Santos

Cafe de Santos located on the corner of Cuna de Allende. A great place to people watch with tables outside.

Cafe Monet

A San Miguel landmark and meeting place for locals Cafe Monet fullfills all of your breakfast needs. Great egg dishes, coffee and fresh bread.

Cafe Rama

Cafe Rama a great choice anytime of day. Serving breakfast lunch and dinner and even late night tapas on the weekends.

Cafe Umaran

Offering a selection of gourmet coffees, burgers,salads, milks shakes and pastries.

El Buen Cafe Bistro

El Buen Cafe Bistro has great breakfasts, soups, salads and more that go the extra mile. Now located in San Antonio.

El Petit Four

El Petit Four. San Miguel’s bellwether bakery & confectionary is renowned for freshness and quality.

Luna de Queso

Luna de Queso breakfast and lunch. Great potions excellent and creative dishes and easy to park.